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Liudmila A. Devel

Place of Birth: Russia, Leningrad.

Nationality: Russian.

Gender: female

Postal Address: 192236 Russia, St.Petersburg, mailbox 76.

Tel 7 812 105 7707 (home).

e-mail: midevel2001@yahoo.com


2001 Short-Term Course with the Westminster University, the Diplomatic Academy of London. Supervisors: Prof. Jack Lonergan and Prof. Nabyl Ayad.

1991-1992 Scholarship with the Politechnic of Central London and BBC. Business, Management, International Communication Skills. Supervisors: Prof. Roger Bell and Jack Lonergan

1985-1989 PhD Student. St.Petersburg State University, Philological Faculty. General Linguistics, Sociolinguistics, Psycholinguistics, Phonetics.

1971-1976 Studentship. Leningrad State University, Philological Faculty, English Language Department.

Work Experience

1996 up to now Russian State Pedagogical Herzen University, Associate Professor of Philological Faculty, Department of Applied Linguistics.

Lecture on Theoretical Phonetics, American Studies, Cross-Cultural Communication, English Language Lexicology, Theoretical Phonetics of the English Language, Translation Studies.

Write programs and syllabi.

Supervise bachelor, diploma and master papers.

1976 Assistant Professor of English at Higher Schools.

Research Interests

Author of more than 60 publications on translation studies, teaching Business English, American Studies, teacher training programs, lexicography, phonetics, testing, CALL - Computer Assisted Language Learning, translations of novels.

International Experience

2004 EuroCALL conference in Vienna, workshop on corpora.

Organization of the second biannual conference of AAL. St.Petersburg

2003 TESOL convention in Baltimore, AAAL (American Association of Applied Linguistics) conference in Arlington, CESS conference of Harvard University in Cambridge in Boston

2002 TESOL convention in Salt-Lake City

organization of the 1st conference “Future Imperfect?” of the Association of Applied Linguistics AAL St.Petersburg. on Cross-Cultural communication, International Examinations and Testing, EFL issues, meetings with textbook writers, translation studies, American studies, British Studies, CALL.

2001 up to present AAL.SPb Association of Applied Linguistics of Saint Petersburg (affiliation with AAAL American Association of Applied Linguistics). President.

1995 American Center for Citizen Initiatives. Co-ordinator.

1993 Anglo-Russian Summer School “White Nights” sponsored by the British Council, Soros Foundation, Bell Schools, British Airways. Russian Side Director.

Awards and Grants

2004 RGNF Grant to make a presentation at the EuroCall conference

2003 Research Grant of the Rector of the Russian Pedagogical Herzen University to carry out CAC (Computer Assisted Communication) International Teacher Training Project (jointly with Czech Republic, USA)

2002 TESOL TEFL/Travel Grant as a certificate of merit in EFL Teaching

1993 Joint Grant of the British Council, Westminster University, British Airways, BBC, Bell Schools, International House to co-ordinate 1st Russian Summer School on Business English.

1991 the British Council Fellowship

Membership in Professional Organizations

Since 2004 EuroCAll member

Since 2003 CESS (Central Eurasian Studies Society) member

Since 2001 AAL.SPb Association of Applied Linguistics of Saint Petersburg (President)

Since 2002 AAAL American Association of Applied Linguistics

Since 2002 Union of Translators of Russia

1996 -2002 SPELTA Saint Petersburg Association of Teachers of English (member of the Board and Vice-President 2000-2001)

Since 1999 TESOL - Teachers of English to Speakers of Other Languages

Language and Computer Skills

Fluent in English and Russian

Computer skills (Windows 1998/2000, MS Word, Power Point, Internet, e-mail)



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